Quality management

Quality management

The quality management system is used in our company, to produce products of high quality and satisfy needs of our customers. This system stipulates the following:

  • High quality of production
  • High quality of management

Manufacturing of quality products starts from definition of customer needs and internal abilities of the company. After that we produce and test a pre-production sample. It passes “field tests” that gives opportunity to get an answer for the question: “Does our product meet customers’ requirements?” Before sales of the product in the market, we check its quality.

Besides total production control, quality control in our company foresees a quality of work of each employee. Exact delimitation of responsibilities, internal quality control, high standards relative to employees and customers allow us to render services on a high quality level.

Constant care of our production quality created conditions for introduction of quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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