Our work

Our work

The enterprise has been built up by professionals, who form well organized and operational team oriented at enterprise’s mission and goal.

All enterprise’s positions are 100% essential. The equality among positions doesn’t exclude the clear system of seniority and employee obedience with the framework of organizational structure.

We understand that each employee is a personality and we try to make good use and to develop his/her strong qualities in the best way.

We need people who want to become personalities.

We make all efforts in order to raise the qualification level and to develop each employee if he/she wishes it.

We try our best to create the most convenient work conditions for each employee: comfortable furniture, modern equipment, ventilation and conditioning, lighting – these are the parts of direction in improving the work conditions.

We do our best to create such an atmosphere where each employee would feel satisfied morally while working at the enterprise.

We recognize each employee’s contribution and high results of his/her activity. Also we do understand that the reward should have moral and financial expression.

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